How to personalise your search with listing minimise

Are you tired of seeing properties that aren't quite what you’re looking for? We’ve got a solution for you.

You can now minimise the homes you aren’t interested in on

Listing-minimise-listing-page 3-1

How does it work?

You'll be able to click the ‘minimise’ button on a listing in the same way that you save or share.  

You'll have the option to provide feedback on the reason you’re not interested, e.g. value for money, property layout or location, property condition, or size. We’ll share this feedback anonymously with the agent or property manager. 

If the reason is price-related, you can still save the property and be notified if the price or sale method changes.  

To see the full-size listing again, simply undo minimise. 




Making the property journey easier

Available on all residential for sale, rent, and rural properties; listing minimise lets you personalise your search. The new feature adds to a suite of tools on that help you find your next property faster.  

Want to be the first to know when a new property is listed? 

Save a search and be instantly notified when a new property that matches your search criteria, hits the market.  

When you save a property, you'll be alerted if the price or sale method changes, for example, if it passes in at auction and is then priced.  

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