5 searching features you need to try

Search right down to the street you want to live on, school zone, or properties with a price with realestate.co.nz’s advanced search. 


How to maximise your search to find what you’re looking for, faster:


1. Start with location search, your way 

Either type the location into the search bar, or use the location selector to choose the region, district, and suburbs from a drop-down menu.



2. Filter your search

Use the filters to tailor your search to your exact requirements.

You’ll find the usual criteria - number of bedrooms, type of home (house or an apartment) - as well as more specific requirements like land size, properties that have a price (sale method), and key features.

There's also a keyword search for things like "brick and tile", "freehold", or "pool."


3. Search by school zone

If school zoning is important for you – add the schools you’d like to be nearby into the location search. 


4. Go right down to street level with the draw feature*

If you know the exact location you’re looking for, switch to map view for an advanced location search.

Draw a circle around the exact location you’re interested in, save your map view, and you'll be notified when a new listing within the circled area comes onto the market.  

*Only available on the realestate.co.nz app


5. Save your search

Once you’ve set up your search, make sure to save it, and you’ll get new listings matching your criteria sent straight to your phone or email inbox.

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