How to make your rented space feel like home

More than 30% of Kiwis are renters, and many more say that they don’t anticipate living in their current home long-term. New Zealand is one of the few rental-heavy housing markets in the world, so it could be time to make decorating, having pets, or making yourself “at home” common practice. In some European countries, most people rent, but they also have the freedom to hang a few photos on the wall.   

But until New Zealand’s rental culture catches up to our European cousins, many of us still want to settle into our flats with more than white walls. If you’re one of the "many", here are a few tips to help you make a place feel like your own, reflecting your own style and personality - without leaving a mark when you leave. 

1. Find your personal Style

To make a home feel like yours, the first step is to find your personal style, vibe or colour scheme that feels like you. This way, as you begin to buy furnishings and decorate, everything comes together. Your space will feel cohesive and homely and become a great reflection of your personal style.

To start, you’ll need to find some inspiration - whether it’s on Pinterest, interior design books, or even the Instagram page. You can use these design resources to discover what you like, love, or dislike. 

To get you started, here are a few basic interior design styles to consider (keep in mind, there are hundreds more!): 

Photo collage

2. Create a focal point with a Gallery Wall


Putting up personal touches like hanging family photos and art that you love will immediately make a space engaging and personal. Using a variety of shapes and colours will make your rental feel welcoming and homely.


Photo collage


A quick and easy way to do this is with removable Command™ Picture Hanging Strips. Perfect for first-time decorators with no tools required. You can confidently liven up your home without holes or damage to your walls. Suiting any style of home, these clever products can hold art, frames, and even mirrors up to 7kg of weight. This means you can create your own unique gallery and easily move frames around if you feel like a refresh!

No matter the age of your rental, Command Strips hold strongly on a variety of indoor surfaces including painted walls, finished wood, painted concrete cinder block, laminate, glass, tile, metal and other smooth surfaces.

Photo collageHere’s how to nail a gallery wall:

  1. Start by planning the layout you want by creating templates, using paper that has been cut to the same size as your frames. Use a variety of frames – different shapes and sizes—to give your wall a designed feel.
  1. Use tape or blue tack to move around the paper templates until you like where each frame will sit.
  2. Clean your wall surface with rubbing alcohol. Apply Command™ Picture Hanging Strips to the backs of your frames and then place the frame onto your wall surface.
  3. Press firmly to the wall for 30 seconds. To secure the strips onto the wall, temporarily peel frame off the wall from the bottom and press each strip down for an additional 30 seconds.
  4. Wait 1 hour for the adhesive to bond before reapplying the frame to the wall and clicking it in place
  5. Stand back and admire how the space is instantly transformed


Get inspired by the things that are possible with Command Picture Hanging Strips here. Or you can purchase now at Mitre 10 or The Warehouse


  1. Light it Up

Illuminate the room by adding a touch of light. You don’t have to break the bank to add your own lighting touches. You can complement any space just by adding some modern light bulbs or even LED light strips. These days some come complete with a light colour changing remote, allowing you to change the mood of the room with a simple touch of a button.

  1. Get Rid of the Clutter

If you didn’t immerse yourself if the Marie Condo life during lockdown, now’s your time. Whether it’s the books that have moved you, the excess ornaments you have collected or the little bits and pieces that deserve to be on display, it’s important to have a place for everything. Try some removable storage options or shelving displays that attach seamlessly to your walls, tiles and even bathroom surrounds. These types of storage solutions are a great way to display your items without blowing the budget.


It’s important to remember that living in a rental property doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel like your own. The secret is to add touches that allow you to bring out your personality, match your style, and more importantly, are damage-free and easy to remove- so you can take them with you every time you move.

You can find 3M™ Command™ Brand Products at these retailers:

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