Dress to impress - styling your home

When selling your home, taking into consideration who is likely to be your buyer is important. Families, young couples or retiring couples are likely to have different needs and wants inside their home and it’s important to cater to those. Here are our top tips to style for different buyer markets.


If your buyer is likely to be a family, decorate at least one bedroom as a children’s room. When choosing your duvet cover and accessories, generally avoid ‘typical’ movie or TV characters and keep it simple instead. Choose fun, bright, and joyful colour schemes that evoke a playful feeling of happiness. You could add some soft stuffed animals, a small bookshelf and a nice little play corner with plenty of cushions to ignite little imaginations.

Lloyd Duvet Cover Set

Lloyd Orange Duvet Cover Set

Young couple

Modern designs and trending colours and patterns are a good place to start for a young couple buyer. Monochrome geometrics are a great go-to, as is the modern minimalist style bedroom. Add a little greenery to the room, a scented candle or two, and free the space of any unnecessary clutter. Include contemporary modern artwork, in colour schemes that compliment the accent colours in your bed linen.

Marley Duvet Set

Marley Stone Duvet Cover Set


If your home is a luxury property, play on opulence through grand, full beds, enriched with lots of accessories. You could choose regal statement colours such as gold, red and navy blue, and accent with metallics and crisp whites. Ensure all linen is of excellent quality, and treat every bedroom in the house like a luxurious master bedroom.

Windsor Duvet Set

Windsor Gold Duvet Cover Set

First home buyers

Keep all beds inviting and attractive, but relatively simple with fewer accessories. The room doesn’t have to be perfectly neat either - maybe a loosely tossed throw, a little wayward symmetry and a less ‘full’ bed with one or two duvet inners. Choose simple one colour block designs that will help first home buyers imagine bringing their own style into the space. Finishing touches such as subtle ornaments, books or candles will help the place feel like home.

Attica Duvet Set

Attica Chalk Duvet Cover Set

By taking the time to style and decorate your home you can influence the buyers that come through your open home. By styling with your chosen market in mind you can influence the buyer's decision.

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