Slice of Paradise: Sisters find home despite finance delays


Sisters Angela and Samantha signed on to Three's Slice of Paradise, after returning from several years overseas. Entering the series hosted by Shelley Ferguson and Peter Wolfkamp which follows Kiwis on their journey to get on or move up the property ladder. After returning home, back to New Zealand, they wanted to purchase an investment property, in either the Bay of Plenty or on Waiheke Island.

Samantha says "they didn't expect to fall in love with a property, but the first house they saw was 'perfect' for them." However, early on, the sisters did hit a major roadblock coming back from overseas; they didn't have proof of regular income for the home loan. "It was just frustrating because we have the equity... but because we'd been working overseas and had just returned home, we didn't have the payslips to show regular income,” Angela says.

Angela and Samantha pushed hard to find a home during the filming of the show, but they discovered the majority of homes they were looking at were being sold through auction, which put extra pressure on them to get their finances sorted.

While they weren't able to buy anything during the show, the sisters haven't walked away empty handed. Instead, they're now looking at buying a property from a family member in Tauranga, later this year - giving them more time to get their finances in order.

Both still found the experience helpful, with Samantha saying they got a chance to look at properties and think about renovations they normally wouldn't have. "Shelley and Peter gave us some really great advice and feedback. Moving forward, I think we can use the advice and the suggestions for the next house we could buy," Angela says.

On reflection, the sisters thought they should've sorted out their finances before moving back to New Zealand, as this was a major roadblock. "We should've got those ducks in line before being committed," Samantha says.

Their fingers are now crossed everything will go smoothly with the house purchase later on in the year, so they can get their hands on their next property.

Watch Slice Of Paradise on Three every Wednesday at 7:30 pm. 

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