Create a Tropicana-inspired Christmas table

One of our favourite things about living in New Zealand, is the beautiful summer Christmas’s we get to enjoy. So when it comes to choosing an interior theme for your Christmas table at home, why not be inspired by the outdoors? This is a fun and festive look – think bright, bold and colourful. It’s a great one that lends itself nicely to having Christmas outside, as it’s very practical too.

Interior designer Shelley Ferguson shares her tips and tricks for creating a beautiful themed Christmas table you’ll love - watch on below.

1. Choose simple base pieces

Tropicana is bright and beautiful, but there can also be a lot going on. A great way to keep it from feeling a bit over the top is to choose simple base pieces. Get a table in chairs in a plain timber, to ground the look and provide a plain base to add to. You can also add a big outdoor rug underneath the table and chairs to ground it further into the space.

2. Create colourful table settings

Now time to add some colour to your beautiful base – we recommend sticking to around three colours to keep it feeling stylish and modern. This look uses a peachy pink, bright teal and sunshine yellow. Once you’ve decided on your colours, find some napkins and placemats in a variety of colours, and give everyone a different colour. Add your plate, bowls and glasses next - you can have some fun here too, mixing and matching colours and textures. 

3. Creative a festive, fun centrepiece

Next up it’s time for the fun part, creating a festive centrepiece. An easy and cost effective way to do this, is to use big palm leaves and line the centre of the table as a makeshift table runner. They’re big and flat - making it easy for everything else to sit on top - and they really bring the Tropicana theme to life.

4. DIY Tropicana vases

A playful touch that really elevates your table, is using a statement vases with a simple palm frond of flowers inside. A clever trick for some DIY vases – grab some pineapples, cut the tops off, scoop out the flesh (to use in your Pina Colada of course) and pop them on the table.

5. Finishing touches

You’re almost there! Simply add the finishing touches – a festive wreath on the wall, some beautiful messaging or a potted planted and you’re all set.


With these tips in mind, we hope you have a wonderful festive holiday season. Discover more interior design inspiration - follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with all the latest content from Shelley, or check out her latest articles below.


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