Create art-inspired interiors for your home

When it comes to art, it’s not all about following trends – it’s about following your heart. You will know the piece for you when you see it. If you’ve found a piece you love, then why not bring it to life throughout your home? 

Interior designer Shelley Ferguson shares her tips for designing spaces inspired by your favourite art pieces, by showing us three artworks she loves and how to bring them to life.


Seaside escape

Seaside escape

This example here is a beautiful seascape. I think it’s the perfect artwork to pull the colour scheme for an entire room from. You’ve got a beautiful deep navy blue, you’ve got that lovely mid-tone blue, the soft aqua, fresh white and a beautiful bronzy, gold metallic. The furniture brings in the mid-tone in that lovely solid industrial shape and some grouped objects and florals will bring some colour and texture - now your nature-inspired room is set.

Mid-century modern architecture


Palm springs

We’re seeing a lot of artwork around at the moment, inspired by mid-century modern architecture - think Palm Springs. Now the key with this look, it is very bright and it’s very brave. We would suggest choosing three colours and keeping the shapes really simple and solid. You don’t want too much detail everywhere. Make sure you layer the colours, and choose your favourite one, for example the blue, and use that more to help not overwhelm the room.

Italian renaissance


Italian renaissance still-life paintings are incredibly beautiful and you can see why so many artists are re-interpreting them today. In this room, the hero is the fuchsia pink couch, a colour used in the flowers in the artwork. You’ve also got the jewel green cushions, and the eclectic patterned tile on the floor, which really pulls in that ornate detail from the painting. The beautiful furniture the reflective glass surface, the framing on the wall - all of these things really mimic the intricate detail in the painting.

Now you’re ready to go – find a piece you love, and let it inspire the design for your home. 

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