What do you need in your new home?

Every house has its own character, a character that reflects its occupants’ tastes, needs, and desires. When you’re looking to build or renovate your home, a great place to start is to define what you want out of your home - what is important to you, items that reflect your values and your preferred way of living.

Use the checklists below to help you define what you want and need within your home.

Defining what you need

This is a definite list of things that are necessary for you to live in your home. How many bedrooms do you need? Would one bathroom be enough, or do you need to have two? Think about what you need right now, remembering you can always add more elements in the future. 

What do you need?

Deciding what you want

This is the place for the things you’d love to have – maybe a spa, pool or energy efficient home takes your fancy. While this can be a list of ideals, it’s also a good place to refine what you want if plans go over budget.

What do you want?

This article first appeared in the New Zealand Building Guide. Read more about building your dream home at buildingguide.co.nz.

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