How to find your perfect broadband and power plan

With over 100 different broadband providers and 35 power providers in New Zealand, choosing the right one might seem like an intimidating task. It’s important to take the time to do your research, to ensure that you’re getting the best product for your home and not paying more than you need to. 

Whether you’re moving house or simply looking to weigh up which option is best for you, here are our top three tips to getting the best broadband and power plans for your home.

Do your research

Start by weighing up all the options – ask yourself what you really need. Consider whether you’re after a broadband provider that’s the cheapest, or one with fast unlimited internet. Are you a low power user, or a standard user? Once you’ve got answers to those questions, make sure you research what’s available at your property – there’s no point looking at fibre broadband plans if it isn’t available in your area yet. By getting together a list of key requirements you’ll narrow down exactly what you’re after, making the comparison process easy.

Find the right plan and product for you 

Once you know that you’re after, it’s time to find the right provider and product. Researching power and broadband plans individually can be a time-consuming process, but online comparison tools can help you quickly analyse the best option. NZ Compare comparison tools can help you compare all the options in one place. Their websites are free to use and compare providers in a simple way, giving you the tools you need to make a fully informed decision.  

Look out for ways to save

Broadband and power companies usually offer sign up bonuses or incentives for new customers, so if you’re ready to switch, take advantage of the offers they have available. New customer deals often have discounts upfront, so you can immediately benefit from account credit on your new power bill or free months on your new broadband plan. If you’re looking to move homes, this is the perfect way to lighten the load on your wallet during the moving process. 

With increased competition in the market, broadband and power prices have fallen significantly in the last couple of years. If you haven’t reviewed your plans recently you’re likely to be paying a ‘loyalty tax’ to your current provider - compare prices in the market now and you might be surprised at the savings you could benefit from.

Another way to save is to consider if bundling utilities could be right for you. This is becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons - the main one being price. Just like insurance, you’ll save money by having all your services with one company. It also makes it easy to manage for you as you’ll have just one point of contact for getting everything set up, paying the bills or any issues you may come across. 

Ready to make the switch?

Changing providers isn’t an overnight process, so get started early for a smooth transition. Most providers need up to four weeks to cancel your services, so be sure to give them plenty of notice.

Whether you’re ready to move now, planning to in the future, or simply want to know if you’re on the best broadband and power plans for your needs, check out Broadband Compare and Power Compare. You can call the team on 0508 226672 to get all the information you need to make a fully informed choice. 

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