Tips for choosing the best broadband plan

Are you on the market for a new home? Moving house is a great time to think about what you want from services like your home broadband. Here are some top tips from NZ Compare to help you make an informed choice about the best broadband for your new home.

You don’t have to take your existing provider with you

Although it might feel easier to stay with your existing provider, moving house is a good time to compare the options and find the best plan for your new home.

If it’s been a few years since you checked out broadband plans, then there is a good chance that you’re paying more than you should.  In the last few years pricing for high-performance plans like Fibre Broadband has become more competitive, with some great introductory deals that offer discounted or free months to new customers.

Comparing the options is easy, simply enter your address into the broadband address checker and hit ‘compare’ to see a list of broadband plans available at your new home.

Check before you buy

If a high-speed broadband plan is at the top of your priority list, it’s worth checking what type of broadband is available when you are viewing homes.  Simply enter the property’s address into the broadband address checker to see what types of broadband are available.  

The fastest broadband connection type is Fibre broadband. It is a great option for homes with multiple people using the internet at the same time - streaming, gaming and downloading content. If it’s available, we think it’s the best option to go with.

If Fibre broadband isn’t available in your area VDSL broadband is likely to be the next best option, followed by ADSL and Wireless or Satellite options.

Consider these things when choosing a new broadband plan

Customer reviews: Comparison sites like Broadband Compare have thousands of independent customer reviews so you know what other customers say about their broadband provider.

Price: Comparing prices can feel complicated if you are comparing plans that offer 3 or 6 months free with a higher rate for the rest of the contract. It can be useful to compare the cost you would pay per month for the full contract when comparing deals. A broadband comparison tool can do this for you.

Perks and add-on: When comparing broadband plans keep an eye out for the perks or add-ons that are important for you. Do you want a plan that includes free months, joining credit, a free router, a free wifi extender, a free mobile plan, or free access to streaming platforms?

Think about bundling your broadband and power

Bundling your power and broadband is becoming increasingly popular. You can often receive a discounted rate compared to paying for each service separately. Plus, you have the streamlined convenience of just one billing cycle, and one customer contact point for both services.

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