Getting your house interior open home ready

The moment a buyer steps inside your open home, they’ll have a gut feeling on whether this home is for them or not. If the initial impression is not what they are looking for or seems messy and cluttered, you can lose their interest quickly. By taking the time to prepare your home, you can nail these first impressions to attract potential buyers.

To help we’ve compiled our 5 top areas to take care of that will ensure the interior of your house is ‘open-home’ ready.


1. Entrance 

The entrance way of your house is the first place that a buyer will see, so it’s very important that it’s kept clean and inviting. As it’s an area where lots of people walk through every day, make sure to clean the area well – shoes can often bring dirt inside, while finger marks are quite common in this area. Making sure you wipe the various hardware, furniture doors and skirting of these areas will have your entrance way making the perfect first impression. Keeping it neat, tidy and clutter free will show off your home, and allow potential buyers to imagine it as their own.


2. Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important places a potential buyer will look at, which means it’s vital that your kitchen is presentable and clean so that it entices buyers. Check the state of your cupboards and appliances, ensuring that any food and grease has been wiped off and that your appliances have been cleaned inside and out. Remember to clean under and behind heavy appliances such the dishwasher, stove and the refrigerator as well as under the sinks. Be careful not to clutter the area too. If a deep kitchen clean isn’t something you have time for yourself, Goodnest cleaners are always up for the job.


3. Bathrooms

An essential part of cleaning your bathroom is de-cluttering the room and removing those personal items and toiletries, making sure anything that remains visible is tidy and clean. Organise areas such as the vanity cupboards and your bath/shower. This helps make your bathroom more presentable and seem more spacious. Mop and scrub the floors with some elbow grease, getting the grout lines and check if the fan is clear and working. Check if any pipings and fittings need replacing or cleaning, with a final check under the toilet and sink.


4. Bedrooms and Living Areas

On average a person spends almost 26 years of their lives asleep, so the appeal of a house’s bedrooms are very important for buyers. Make sure that the bedroom’s walls and floor have been cleaned, as well as the different storage places and closets. Wash all linens and fabrics such as blankets, curtains, rugs and sheets. For living areas, the same applies. Vacuum the room, clean the walls and dust down any furniture. Don’t forget to organise and declutter any personal belongings so the rooms look clean and presentable. By keeping these key areas clean and tidy, it allows potential buyers to imagine the space as their own. 


5. Utility and Storage

Ensuring that your garage, basement or attic is ‘open-home’ ready, will really let potential buyers get a sense of how much space your home can offer. Present these spaces like the others, give them a thorough vacuum and dust, as well as sweeping and washing the floors. Clean all shelves, racks and storage spaces in these areas and store any clutter and personal effects away and out of sight. Often walls in these locations can be left unattended for long periods of time accumulating dust and grime, so cleaning them will make a serious difference.

Taking the time to tidy your home for an open home can be invaluable, as potential buyers often visualise their family in those spaces so it’s important to present it as best as possible. By making sure you’ve nailed the five areas above, you’ll be in the perfect place to sell your home. If time is tight or you’re not confident in your own ability, the team at Goodnest are here to help with almost any home service you may need.

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