Expert tips on moving house like a pro

Although the destination is always more exciting than the journey, moving house doesn’t need to be a painful process. By working smart, planning ahead and choosing a reliable moving partner, your move can be a stress-free process so you can focus on settling into your new home.


1. Take the minimalist approach

Moving home is the perfect time to declutter—you never want to bring something to your new house that you didn’t even want in the old one. And as the adage goes, “someone’s trash is another person’s treasure”. What you no longer need or want, someone else will need and want. 

If you can afford to give some things away for free (good for the soul), drop it off at your chosen charity shop, or make a bit of extra cash by listing what you don’t want online on channels like Facebook Marketplace.


2. Click and snap

Instead of making endless lists of items you have, and where they might live your new abode, take snaps of everything you’re shifting and file them in their own room folder. It's the smarter way to keep track of all your breakables and memorables, so you know exactly what’s going into the moving truck and what state it was in when it left.

Helpful hint: If you’re using a professional moving company, they’ll have an insurance policy, so you’ll be reimbursed for any mishaps.


3. Bring in the big (spray) guns

If you’re able, consider getting professional cleaners in to clean your old house so you can shift into your new home feeling refreshed, not shattered. This way, you get to give your time and energy to planning the move while professional, reputable cleaners get on with what they do best. 

Check out your local notice boards—there are likely some cleaning gems in your neighbourhood. Remember to always check reviews and ask for references first.


4. Tell your utility companies about the move early

To save unnecessary howls of Wi-Fi-free horror from the children, or even a few unpleasant evenings without the use of gas hobs, set aside a couple of hours to contact your utility providers (electricity, broadband, gas and tv) and let them know your move-in date.

You’ll be able to transfer your services online or over the phone so this process should be straightforward but be warned—some internet service providers have a set-up gap. You may be without Wi-Fi for a day or two no matter how early you call them.


5. Choose a reliable, professional moving partner

Comparing moving companies is always a good idea, but do you have enough time to fill in numerous forms online or pick up the phone when you get a spare five minutes?

Probably not. That’s where Wise Move comes in.

It’s the most simple and effective way to book your mover. Fill in one online form and you’ll get quotes from different professional house movers to choose from.


6. Get a helping hand with little ones

If you have young ones, juggling kids and moving will takes its toll. Start thinking about either extra daycare days or even asking your family or friends if they could babysit for a few hours a week. This will free up your time and energy to focus on things that you need free hands for.


7. Make plans for the fur family.

If you have pets, they’ll be picking up the moving vibes you’ll be putting down. Before the move, try and stick to their normal routine around walks and play time. When you’re moving, you might want someone who is familiar to them to pet-sit, so you’re not worried they’ve run off somewhere.

Pet’s—particularly cats—tend to get stressed out during a move. They are usually territorial and can even escape to try and find their old stomping grounds. To avoid this, keep them (cats) indoors for at least three weeks before unlocking the cat flap. If you have dogs, take them for lots of walks around their new neighbourhood and reward them with treats as you go.

Once you’ve made the move, reassure your pets with lots of attention, get them back into a routine, and pop their favourite blanket and toys in their very own special place in their new home.


Take it step by step

With the moving date looming, you’ll need extra time to make the move go off without a hitch.

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to save you from moving stress and anxiety:

Six - seven weeks out: Time to declutter, donate, give away or sell anything you don’t want or need.

Four - five weeks out: Book a moving company using an easy, online tool like Wise Move.

Three - four weeks out: Time to start packing—but how are you feeling? If it’s starting to get overwhelming and you need help, just ask. Your friends or family will usually be happy to pitch in. Just shout them a pizza and a nice cool drink at the end of the day. 

Two weeks out: Time to book a professional cleaning company. Oh, the relief! These wonderful people take on the jobs we don’t have energy for. 

One week out: Only seven days to go until the big move! Now it’s starting to get exciting, and so much less stressful because you’ve hired a professional moving company, the cleaners are booked in, and very soon you’ll be able to put your feet up in your new home. Great work!


Why Wise Move?

Using an expert moving partner takes the stress out of moving—but finding, vetting and choosing a mover is a stressful process alone. That’s where comes in. With thousands of happy, satisfied customers and over 5,000 positive reviews, they’ll steer you right when it comes to booking a professional moving company.

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