Preparing to move house

After you’ve cleaned the inside and outside of your whole home in preparation for the big move, it’s probably time to destress, rest up and spend some quality time with your family. Here are our top tips to make the whole moving process a whole lot easier.

Set aside some family time

Set aside time each week to get a meal together or head out to the beach. It’s valuable to make sure the whole family is informed and kept happy during this process. Whilst the open homes are going on, your agents can often take care of everything which leaves great opportunity to spend some family time together. Quality time can be sparse during the whole selling and moving process so take advantage of this small time gap to keep everyone up to date with what’s happening.

Make a weekly plan

Formulate a plan of attack for the weeks leading up to your move. This can include a chronological list of jobs to tick off, each allocated to a week. Bit by bit, week by week, start decluttering, organising, cleaning and packing (if you’re not hiring someone for that). It’s amazing how much junk can accumulate in the garage or in the back of your children's wardrobes and how much time you’ll need to spend on this – don’t leave everything until the last minute. Having a comprehensive list can take the stress off wondering what you’ve missed, or what you still have to do.

Couple shifting house

Prepare a moving day kit

If you’ve been successful in selling, now it’s the next big step of moving. Create a pack of ‘essentials’ for the day. This includes water and snacks to keep your energy and focus up, toiletries (so they don’t get packed up and are easily available in the new home for that first night) and a change of clothes - because who knows what could go wrong.

Keep kids entertained

If you have children young enough that need looking after, ask a friend or family member if they can hang out with them for a day here and there, it can be one less thing to worry about while getting your house ready. This same tip applies on moving day. However, if they are old enough to take care of themselves then get them helping out.

By taking the time to organise and prepare for the big move for both you and your family, it can make the whole process of selling your home that much easier.

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