Search Tenancy Tribunal cases online

The Tenancy Tribunal hears approximately 20,000 cases each year across New Zealand, resulting in numerous judicial decisions. 

These decisions are called Tenancy Tribunal Orders. The Tribunal is an independent judicial body that provides an inexpensive way to resolve an issue if other discussions and opportunities between a landlord and tenant have been exhausted.  

The Tribunal hears matters up to $50,000. Disputes can also be resolved through mediation.  

There is a great new function on the Ministry of Justice website for both landlords and tenants - the website is now searchable by topic. 

Both tenants and landlords can make more informed decisions by reading some of the decisions and case law from the Tribunal on issues that may affect them and gain a better understanding of a possible outcome. 

How to search for a Tenancy Tribunal order

There are a number of ways to make a search:

•    By key word or topic
•    By the name of the landlord, tenant, trust or company used in proceedings
•    By the address of the tenancy 
•    By Tenancy Tribunal application number

Orders from February 2007 can be accessed online and will be available for 36 months.

Agreements reached in mediation are confidential and not available online.

Start a search here: search Tenancy Tribunal orders.

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