New & improved listing reports

We’re making changes to listing reports to provide a clear and accurate picture of what’s happening with a property listing for agents and vendors.  

What’s changing: 

  • The report will be broken into three sections:
    • At-a-glance view
    • In-depth view
    • View users by location 
  • Data will be collected from Google Analytics4 – the most up-to-date data source. 

We're also adding some additional information:

  • Open home calendar add – see how many users have added a property to their open home calendar.
  • User visits from the top three regions – see where the interest is coming from by region.
  • Users visits from the top three cities – see where the interest is coming from by city.
  • The latest package booked for the property listing and when it’s ending. 
  • Plus, you'll be able to see the correlation between the package booked and the total number of views.

Some terminology is changing for clarity: 

  • Total reach will become total views.
  • Phone reveals will become click-to-contact.
  • Current saves will become added to saved properties.

The way some data is collected is changing:  

  • Click-to-contact measures the number of times a user has clicked the ‘call’ button to initiate a phone call to the agent. It no longer includes data from a user hovering over an agent to reveal the number, to provide a more accurate representation of potential phone calls.  
  • Add to saved properties measure the total number of times a user has saved the property. 

So, what does this all mean for you?

Here are the answers to some common questions.  

How often are the reports updated? 
The total view number on the listing detail page is updated in real-time. The number on the agent report is updated overnight and will display by 10am the next day. 
Will the listing report provide the breakdown of the data such as total views, total enquiries, and total engagement?
Yes, the in-depth view includes a breakdown of total views, total engagement, and total enquiries.
I didn’t receive the same number of calls mentioned in the report under click-to-contact.
The click-to-contact measures the number of times users have clicked on the 'call' button on a listing to initiate a call to the agent. These numbers do not necessarily indicate the actual number of calls made as it is not possible to track actual calls through a phone carrier. 
I've noticed that the number of click-to-contact interactions in my listing report has decreased. Why is this?
To provide more accurate data on the potential number of calls made to an agent regarding a property, we have removed the "hover state" numbers from our click-to-contact data. The hover state calculates when a user hovers over an agent's image on a search results page to reveal the agent's phone number. However, we have found that these numbers did not accurately reflect actual calls made and have removed them from the click-to-contact measure. 
Are there any changes to the calculations in the listing report?
The two important metric changes in the new report are: 

Phone reveals – these have been renamed as ‘click to contact,’ which measures user engagement with the call functionality on a listing page. When a user clicks on the call button on the listing page, this is counted as a "click to contact" interaction. While the "click to contact" metric can indicate potential calls made to an agent, it does not track actual calls as this information is controlled by individual phone carriers. 

Add to saved properties - Previously, we only provided the current number of times the property had been saved. Going forward, you will be able to see the total number of times the property has been saved and users who’ve added it to their saved properties in the last 7 days as per the dates of the report generated. 
Why have we combined email enquiries and click to contact?
Email enquiries and click to contact have been combined in the listing report to provide a comprehensive overview of total user engagement with the listing. By combining these metrics, agents and vendors can quickly see the total number of interactions made by potential buyers or renters, whether they contacted the agent via email or clicked to call them. This allows for a more holistic view of user engagement with the listing, which can help agents and vendors better understand a listing’s performance and make more informed decisions. 
Why are you showing total engagements? Will I get the breakdown?

The total engagement number on a listing is the total of the below: 

Number of times a user has:

  1. Clicked to share on social media
  2. Added to their saved properties
  3. Added to their open home calendar
  4. Interacted with content on the page, including photos, videos, 3D walkthroughs, maps, and floor plans.
The total engagement can be seen in the ‘at a glance’ section with the breakdown for each of the key metrics provided in-depth on the following page.
Why can’t I view the device information on the report?
During interviews held with agents, we were informed that this information is irrelevant to agents and vendors, so we have chosen to remove it from our reporting. 
Why didn’t I receive the new report?

The report may have been sent to your junk or spam mail, to ensure you receive reports without any issues, we recommend adding (the sender email address) to your contacts.

How do I download the report from the email?

When you click on the download link, it will open in a new tab. To access the download link, please ensure that you have allowed pop-ups in your browser settings. 

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