7 top styling ideas for your home

Whether you’re looking to put your home on the market or it’s time for a refresh, it’s a great idea to have a colour or theme that runs throughout your home.

Having a consistent style or theme within your home can help it all work together and feel more homely. One room should feel stylishly connected to the next - a good way to judge this is that you shouldn’t feel surprised by the decor as you walk into another room.

Don’t be afraid to play off colours that speak of positive features from outside the house, or items that can be seen through windows. Sometimes our windows are the best works of art in the room. Perhaps your location close to the beach is a big part of your home and lifestyle so you can dress the bedroom in a way that reaffirms that.

Here are 7 stylings idea to give you inspiration for your home.

1. Beachy blues

Lazy, breezy, nautical beach hues. Calm, cool and fun this room would be the perfect style for a home close to the beach.

Beachy blues

Get the look

Mesa Sideboard - 100cm, $699, from nood.

Linen Shade Lamp, $22, from Kmart.

Hanging Pot, $49.99, from nood.

Den Armchair, $899, from Freedom Furniture.

Calippo Teal Duvet Cover Set, $139.95, from Logan & Mason.


2. Forest oasis

Think enigmatic animal prints and a dramatic tropical oasis, far from the beach, even further from the hustle and bustle. This slick style would be the perfect fit for a modern home or apartment.

Forest Oasis

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Sultan Bronze Duvet Cover Set, $399.95, from Logan & Mason

Shift Table Lamp, $289, from Citta Design.

Boyd Sofa 3S, $1,199, from Freedom Furniture.

Clyde Clock, $79.95, from Freedom Furniture.

Serville Rattan Chair Black, $499, from Shut the Front Door.


3. Country escape

Evoke visions of rolling hills, wide open spaces, fresh air and clear blue skies - the perfect style to make your home feel like an escape from the city.

Country Escape

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Willow Green Duvet Cover Set, $229.95, from Logan & Mason

Roko Bottle, $39.99, from nood.

Rattan Kids Coolie Chair, $24.95, from Shut the Front Door.

Bird of Paradise, $79.95, from Freedom Furniture.

Macie Sofa Bed, $499, from nood.


4. City slick

An expression of life in the big smoke, with minimal colour but plenty of personality. This styling would suit a modern architectural home or add contrast in an older home.

City slick

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Benson Navy Duvet Cover Set, $249.95, from Logan & Mason.

Copenhagen Ottoman, $1,199, from Freedom Furniture.

Forge Coffee Table, $999, from nood.

Marmo Marble Table Lamp, $22, from Kmart.

Round Mirror, $20, from Kmart.


5.  Flowers and Gardens

Extend the beauty of gorgeous gardens into the home. Include the same colours as your flowers, and don’t forget a few fresh vases of flowers from the garden.

Flowers & gardens

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Lidia Saffron Duvet Cover Set, $249.95, from Logan & Mason

Artificial Anthurium Plant, $27, from Kmart.

Namjoo Wall Hanging, $26.95, from Freedom Furniture.

Tubbi Chair, $799, from Freedom Furniture.

Rudy Ceiling Pendant, $129, from Freedom Furniture


6. Tropical paradise

Make your home feel carefree, sunny and light with a resort-inspired room.

Tropical paradise

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Palms Aqua Duvet Cover Set, $179.95, from Logan & Mason.  

Artificial Palm Tree, $32, from Kmart.

Lexi Armchair, $1,299, from Freedom Furniture.

Aluto Basket Set, $149, from nood.

Round Wall Shelf, $20, from Kmart.


7. Exterior inspiration

Is the exterior of your home grand and beautiful? Carry it through to the bedroom using materials like wood and concrete to create contrast.

Exterior inspiration

Get the look 

Butterfly Chair, $45, from Kmart.

Morrison Smoke Duvet Cover Set, $169.95, from Logan & Mason.

Dahlia Sofa, $2,699, from Freedom Furniture.

Harvest Planter, $159, from Citta Design.

Round Metal Wall Shelf, $20, from Kmart.


For more interior ideas and styling tips for your home, get inspired here.

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