5 instant kitchen styling ideas with Shelley Ferguson

Being inside during lockdown is the perfect time for a little DIY. But without being able to buy tools and homewares, we know you might be feeling short on easy ideas you can create with what you’ve got at home.

Interior designer Shelley Ferguson is here to help – she’s sharing her five top kitchen styling ideas that can be done in an instant (and don’t require you to buy anything!) 

1. Add a group of objects

Grouped objects

The secret to creating beautiful focal points is grouping objects together. Try matching or similar objects, varying heights and group them in odd numbers to create the perfect focal point in your room. 

2. Add scent and florals, or greenery


Pull out your favourite vase and fill it full of florals or greenery from the garden. If you don’t have a garden, grab your favourite candle or diffuser.

3. Display your favourite cookbooks


Inspire a new meal, by showcasing beautiful cookbooks. Stack a few together next to one of your favourite kitchen items to add a practical touch and the look is complete.  

4. Bring out meaningful heirlooms

Heirloom items

Pull out special and significant items to display from time to time, like crystal glasses or bowls. You don’t need to leave them out all the time (we know what it’s like having kids running around!) but it can be nice for an afternoon to change things up.

5. Showcase your charcuterie boards

Cheese boards

Show off your stylish cheese and cutting boards by stacking them against the wall. Mixed materials like wood, stone and marble can add a really lovely texture to the room. 


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