REINZ: Level 2 guidance for the real estate industry

REINZ welcomes L2 guidance; a step towards getting NZ businesses moving

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) has today welcomed the guidance for businesses operating under Alert Level 2, particularly in relation to real estate activity.

Under Level 2, all real estate activity conducted will need to adhere to a minimum of 1 metre physical distancing (at all times), will need to ensure that hygiene etiquette is adhered to e.g. cleaning high touch areas regularly and will need to ensure contact tracing of all customers/clients can take place. Proposed real estate activity that can occur at Level 2 includes:

  • Real estate firms/property management companies can open their office(s)
  • Open homes/rental viewings of less than 100 people can take place
  • Sale & purchase/listing agreements can be negotiated and executed in person
  • Auctions of less than 100 people can take place
  • Inspections by professionals (e.g. building inspectors, valuers) can take place in person
  • Pre-settlement inspections can take place
  • Settlements and moving house can occur, including between regions
  • Property management functions may be carried out in person.

Bindi Norwell Chief Executive at REINZ says: “Getting the real estate profession up and running in a manner that is more ‘normal’ than we’ve seen in the past six weeks is a huge step and one that will be warmly welcomed by buyers, sellers and real estate agents across the country.

“Over the past few weeks, we have been mindful of the need to protect New Zealand from the effects of COVID-19, but now is the time to get the country up and running, in a safe manner, as quickly as possible in order to minimise the economic impacts on the country going forward.

“We look forward to the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday around when and how the country can move to Level 2, as I’m sure all New Zealanders will be,” concludes Norwell.

REINZ will be issuing final guidelines as soon as possible following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday.

For further information, please contact Dee Crooks, Head of Communications at REINZ, on 021 953 308.

This release was originally published on REINZ blog.

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