Why lifestyle blocks are becoming more popular in NZ

During the year to July 7,251 lifestyle blocks were sold throughout the country, according to numbers from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ). That figure was even higher during the previous year, at the peak of a booming market. 

So why has buying a rural lifestyle property suddenly become such a popular thing to do, and is it the right choice for you?


Lifestyle properties are surging in popularity throughout New Zealand.


The rise of lifestyle blocks

Every three months, close to 2,000 lifestyle blocks change hands around New Zealand. The Bay of Plenty, the West Coast, Southland and Otago are helping drive growth with consistently high levels of sale activity.

The Central Otago and Queenstown Lake regions are the highest performers, racking up record numbers of high-priced sales. Even throughout winter, when sales activity is typically much lower, lifestyle blocks have been selling at consistently high levels.

Despite the considerable sales activity there's a severe shortage of lifestyle properties relative to demand. With summer just around the corner, and prices in cities continuing to rise, it's unlikely that demand for lifestyle blocks will abate any time soon.


Are you suited to a slower pace of living on a rural lifestyle property?


Reaping the benefits of a rural lifestyle

The surge in popularity of lifestyle blocks is most likely down to several different factors. For one, house prices in cities have surged at unprecedented levels, with Auckland's average asking price more than doubling in the last 10 years. Anecdotal evidence suggests that city-dwellers, and Aucklanders in particular, are cashing in their capital gains and moving to the country where their money goes further. 

Generational change could also be playing its part, creating a shift in priorities away from work and towards quality of life, time with family and the many other benefits of rural lifestyle. Rural economies in Central Otago, the West Coast, Hawke’s Bay and many more have performed particularly well during this period which could be luring New Zealanders out of the cities. 

Whatever the reason, it's clear that Kiwis have found something special out in the country. The commute might be longer, but the air's cleaner and the grass might just be greener.

Farm land

Get more, pay less - one of the many perks of buying a lifestyle property.


More land for less

As a general rule, the further away from the major cities you move the more property you can buy for your money. Aucklanders, Queenstowners and Wellingtonians in particular will be stunned at how much their money can get them in the countryside.

The median price of property in rural areas is generally a few hundred thousand less than Auckland and Queenstown's median, for several acres of land in a beautiful location.

Rural lifestyle isn't for everyone but if you're looking for a change of pace it might be perfect for you. To start your search the right way, visit one of New Zealand's most popular property listing websites - realestate.co.nz/lifestyle.

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