A guide to selling your lifestyle block

Unclouded starlight by night, plenty of land and incomparable tranquillity - who doesn't love the idea of a lifestyle property?

That said, there's work to do to maintain your countryside property, and there may come a time you're ready to downsize or relocate. Selling a lifestyle block in New Zealand is different from selling regular residential real estate, so we're here to help you prepare for a sale.

Why is selling a lifestyle property different?

In selling residential real estate, there's a lot of focus on location and infrastructure. These are not necessarily strong selling points for lifestyle property - after all, we're talking about rural homes which may not be easily accessible to local centres or typical amenities.

When selling a lifestyle property, you're not only selling a home or a piece of land. Rather, you're offering potential buyers a completely new lifestyle - one rich with fresh hen's eggs, rolling pastures and white picket fences.

For this reason, you need to consider how authentically you are portraying that lifestyle. Think about how you present and market your property.

Rural property

Is your lifestyle section market-ready?

Pre-sale preparation for a lifestyle block

There are plenty of areas in your section that could need touching up before you take it to the market.

First impressions

Curb appeal takes on an even greater importance with rural property. As buyers are seeking an idyllic lifestyle, they need to be able to see that's what they'll be getting.

Dress up the entrance to your section with a new, attractive letter box and clear numbers. Then think about the driveway - potholes or sealing can take a lot of time and money to fix so consider if you can address an uneven drive to avoid discouraging buyers.


With so much land, you've got a great opportunity to use trees to create a tranquil home. Grooming large trees either side of a long driveway to create an intimate canopy can help buyers feel like they're stepping into a whole new world. Think about the landscape of your section too - is there a particularly impressive tree, creek or other landmark that could be used as a feature?

Make sure the landscape, especially near the house, is well-manicured. An overgrown section can be pretty disheartening to anyone expecting a lifestyle change.


Of course, you need to remember to give your house some TLC inside and out. If your property includes a barn, coop or other farming structures, it's also worth assessing their condition. Some buyers may be put off by large renovation projects as they don't necessarily fit in with the lifestyle you're trying to sell.

Lifestyle driveway

Let your driveway take potential buyers to another world.

Taking your lifestyle block to the market

There's more to making the sale than preparing the section alone. Getting a fair valuation and specialised agent support, as well as strong marketing efforts, is vital.

Approach an independent valuer

It's easy to overvalue lifestyle property - after all, it's so much more than just a home. However, lifestyle blocks generally take much longer to sell and overpricing your home could mean you're losing money while your property sits on the market. Seek an independent valuation and list your property for a fair price to avoid feeling pressured to sell below market value.

Use a specialised lifestyle agent

Your agent should be based in the area or at the nearest township so you can be sure they have a strong understanding of the property and the area's qualities. They'll also have better knowledge of financial and legal obligations you'll need to respect in your rural sale.

Furthermore, specialist lifestyle agents may already have a list of potential buyers they can present your property to before it's listed.

Market your home

Selling any property is like marketing a company's goods or services - you need to understand your target audience and use the right channels to appeal. With lifestyle property, you need to cast a wide net as potential buyers could be anywhere in the country. 

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