Counteract social distancing with these handy tools

The real estate industry is fast adapting to social distancing regulations, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, through technology. While this is a challenging time for all industries, real estate is well equipped with online platforms and apps that allow agents to safely continue with their day-to-day activities from the comfort of their own homes. 

Here are three online tools that you can use to help build your business during COVID-19.


Conduct online auctions, private treaties and open homes through GAVL. This industry tool will combat social distancing regulations and provide a safe and monitored platform for those on their property journey. Digital bidding and signing contracts is also included, along with live-streamed open homes and inspections to accommodate all real estate professionals.  

Due to the pandemic and in the safety of others, GAVL have removed their videographer services but are providing more online support so you can film the auction yourself.  

2. Zoom

Now more than ever it is important to connect with your team and maintain relationships. Put your buyers or sellers at ease with regular face-to-face Zoom meetings, keeping each other updated on the current state of the market and re-evaluating the objectives to reach your property goals. The platform can host meetings, video webinars and conference calls. Need a change of scenery? Zoom is also in app format, and can be downloaded on any smartphone device or tablet so you don’t have to be permanently stationed at your home office. 

3. Join an online community 

As we face uncertainty, remain up to date with all the changes the New Zealand real estate industry through our industry professionals Facebook Page. This agent only platform will provide you with specific insights and information on the market, aiding you and your future business decisions. Connect with your fellow agents by building a community and support network around the country.

Join here.

So make the most of your newfound tools – it’s a great time to upskill in online software’s too, that will help you adapt to the market changes. They will help you continue to build your business during this uncertain time and keep up your relationships with your team, your vendors and your buyers. 

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