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Each month, we’re giving one New Zealand charity free advertising on our site to promote their cause and help them raise awareness across the country.

This month’s chosen charity is Shave for a Cure. Shave for a Cure is Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand's (LBC) signature fundraising event which has been running for over a decade. 

We had a chat with Communications Manager of LBC, Kate Stace, to learn more about how they are helping people living with blood cancer. We also spoke to Kelly Shrimpton, a Kiwi who has had a very personal experience with blood cancers, to hear how LBC helped her on her journey. 

Watch a video of Kelly’s interview with Duncan Garner on The AM Show here.

realestate.co.nz: Could you tell us about your experiences with blood cancer Kelly?

Kelly:  In 2006 I lost my partner to lymphoma, when he was only 31 years old. Then in October 2016 Mum was diagnosed. In July 2018, exactly 11 years and 11 months to the day after my partner passed away, I lost my Mum to the same type of blood cancer. I couldn’t believe it could strike twice. When Mum was diagnosed, I had to be strong and remind myself that it might not go the same way that it did for my partner. However it unfortunately did, and I have now lost two loved ones to this horrible illness.

realestate.co.nz: How prevalent is blood cancer?

Kate: 21,000 New Zealander's are living with a blood cancer such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma. One person is diagnosed with a blood cancer every four hours.

realestate.co.nz: How does LBC’s Shave for a Cure support the fight against blood cancer, and how have they helped you, Kelly?

Kate: Shave for a Cure is a movement, encouraging Kiwi's to be bold and brave and shave their hair to raise money for a good cause. It's a great way to show support with blood cancer patients - many who lose their hair as a result of life-saving treatments such as chemotherapy. Many businesses, schools and community groups around New Zealand host their own Shave events where people volunteer to shave their hair. In return for shaving, you get donations that support blood cancer patients living with leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma. Funds raised also go towards the search for a blood cancer cure.

Kelly: LBC were such a great support to us throughout Mum’s treatment. Matt, the local Support Services Coordinator, was such a blessing. LBC provided so much information, which made the journey through treatment more bearable. Being able to know and understand exactly what was going on throughout the process really helped me to cope during these tough times. I can’t tell you what a difference it made having their support and knowing there was someone we could call on for information, help or a chat. 

Kelly Shrimpton

realestate.co.nz: Where does the money donated go and how does it help the cause?

Kate: Our organisation is a charity and we do not receive government funding. Last year nearly 2,000 individuals shaved their hair raising over $1.37 million for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand. All money raised through the Shave for a Cure campaign helps fund emotional and practical support for patients - as well as education, patient advocacy and investment in medical research to find a cure.

Kelly: I’m shaving for Mum and Nick, in the hope that someday no one will have to die from blood cancer. The money goes towards keeping LBC running and gathering more research to find a cure and ensure more families get the support they need. LBC made the journey more bearable with the support they were able to offer, not only to Mum but also to my brother and his family and I as grieving family members. 

realestate.co.nz: What are Shave for a Cure’s plans for 2019?

Kate: Shave for a Cure runs all year. We are on a mission to find ‘Shave Heroes’ – those very special people who are committed to the cause and want to make a difference in the lives of blood cancer patients. We know it would take a special person with a very big heart to commit to shaving their head. Maybe this is you or someone you know? If you are feeling inspired, find out more about how to get involved at shaveforacure.co.nz

realestate.co.nz: How will the advertising help your cause?

Kate: The advertising will be amazing to use to promote Shave for a Cure, as we want to broaden our reach and raise awareness. We want to get as many Kiwi's as possible involved in shaving, whether it be sponsoring or participating as a 'shavee'. Every contribution counts, big or small.

Shave for a Cure ad

realestate.co.nz: How can realestate.co.nz blog readers support Shave for a Cure and those suffering from blood cancers?

Kate: The best way is to donate money to Shave for a Cure or sign up to shave. Every donation helps someone in need. 

Kelly: I shaved my head on The AM Show to give support to not only Mum and Nick, but all those who are living with a blood cancer. If you feel strongly about the cause you can help me support LBC by donating here.

You can watch Kelly’s story on The AM Show here, and help her reach her fundraising goal.

Do you work for a charity that would love to be chosen for one of our free advertising campaigns? Get in touch with the team at marketing@realestate.co.nz to see if your charity could be eligible. 

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