Slice of Paradise: Terry and Lesley are set to demolish and rebuild

Hamilton couple Terry and Lesley took part in Three's Slice of Paradise, hosted by Shelley Ferguson and Peter Wolfkamp. After their children left home they decided it was time to downsize, they wanted to find a place which was smaller yet still had room for their extended family and space for their hobbies. They ended up buying an older home in an area they liked, which they plan to knock down and build on instead.

Terry says it was challenging trying to find a property they liked and the open homes took up more time than expected. "It's quite a slow process. We didn't specifically know what we were looking for, but we knew when we found it."

Being on the show gave the couple someone neutral to talk to while going through the different property options, - something they both found valuable. "So often when you're going through the journey, you're talking to people who all have a vested interest. Having [Peter and Shelley] was great."

At the end of Slice of Paradise the Beechs bought a property they're planning to knock down and rebuild, but they haven't done anything yet as they've been on holiday overseas. Terry says they're now talking with different architects and builders to get quotes, but they aren't in any hurry.

For others thinking of buying property, Terry says it's a good idea to create a rough list of what you're looking for, but don't be afraid to deviate from it.

 “After looking out in the country and in town we still hadn’t found quite what we were looking for. We ended up doing things a little differently, deciding to knock down a house and rebuild means we will end up with exactly what we were after,” he says. 

Watch Slice Of Paradise on Three every Wednesday at 7:30pm.

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