Master bedroom looks to love


The bedroom is our most personal space, so it makes sense that it tells a real story about you. Create a bedroom that gives back with one of these five key looks for 2017, from Your Home & Garden editor Shelley Ferguson.

Get the artisan look



A love of nature and a desire to care for the world is at the heart of this look. As mass-consumption grows many want to support makers, artisans and craftspeople that use traditional methods to create beautiful goods in a sustainable way. If you want to master this look, texture and tone are key. Choose products in shades of the same colour family – burnt oranges, clay and dusky apricot tones give this room a warm, earthen feel. The stylish-yet-unkempt look of linen makes it a perfect duvet cover choice. Layer the bed with cushions and throws in different textures, add accessories in wood and stone, and pop in a plant to bring the outside in. Take the opportunity to reconnect with the maker within – put paint to paper and create your own art, make a wall hanging or knit a chunky throw. Things you’ve put love, time and effort into will give your bedroom more meaning.

Tip: Clean it like you mean it

Did you know your bed is a beacon for over-friendly dust mites? Strip your sheets and vacuum your mattress then air it out in the sun. Move the bed so you can clean and vacuum underneath. Then, make your bed a stylish sanctuary. Choose an organic mattress protector and quality sheets. Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch – the higher the count, the more durable the sheet and the softer it will become. Go for at 300 for a fresh feel (oh who am I kidding, splash out for 600). Use a down duvet for temperature control and a bedcover in natural fibres like linen – it drapes beautifully and breathes.


Artisan - get the look


Get the look - Artisan
Kip & Co linen duvet cover in clay, $289, from
Indonesian hardwood mushroom stool in natural, $590, from
Middle of Nowhere ‘Faded Hillside’ framed print, $429, from
Indiana wall hanging, $179, from
Hunting for George tan leather cushion, $AUD299, from
Moroccan leather pouf in light tan, $229, from
Castle lumbar velvet cushion in butterscotch, $125, from


Grey is now the cool kid in town


Grey mood

Historically considered a boring colour (yep, it’s actually a colour), grey is now the cool kid in town. Grey is a great choice for interiors as it’s neutral but still adds character. The wrong grey can resemble a dull dishcloth or lint though, so choosing the right colour is crucial. When choosing one for your bedroom, tell the in store experts which direction your room faces and ask them to suggest some greys that will flatter the light – a grey with a cool undertone can make rooms with cooler light feel – you guessed it – cold. My favourite greys are light to mid-tone – think silver birch branches, fog, frost, wisps of smoke, winter morning walks. Teamed with white and dark grey, navy or black accents, you can easily achieve a sophisticated, stylish and modern bedroom.

Tip: Get the light right

Have a variety of layered lighting that can be individually controlled for different tasks and moods.
Ambient light illuminates, accent light emphasises a room’s features, and task light is about directional light sources. Use a pendant for statement ambience, wall mounted lights or desk lamps for reading, and don’t forget the dimmers!


Grey - get the look

Get the look - Grey
Sleep tight throw, $179, from
Linen duvet cover In Bed/Stripe, $339 queen, from
Blacklist For Freedom ‘Live Simply’ print, $249, from
Hay Studios wooden hand, POA, from
Geo plant pot, $39.99, from
Urban Style Retro wallpaper in 25951, POA, from



A boho bedroom should make you feel free


Free! That’s how a boho bedroom should make you feel. If you sit at work dreaming of adventure and far-flung lands, this is the look for you. Boho bedrooms suit rich jewel-like colour and pattern – think prints with a handmade, artisan feel, intricate patterns, and battered textures. Layer your bed with beautiful natural fibres and make it a space for reading and lounging, not just sleeping. A boho bedroom should feel creative, so if you love sketching or making, create a spot to do that. Mix and match an eclectic mix of old and new things and display your collections – whether it’s a stack of books, beautiful necklaces hanging on the wall, or objects from your travels.

Tip: Put that phone down!

95% of Kiwis use some type of technology a few nights a week before lights out. It’s time to stop sleeping around with Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram and give your brain a break. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary away from life’s hustle and bustle.


Boho - get the look


Get the look - Bohemian
Sturbridge rag rug runner in stone, $99, from
LIM white clay bead chandelier, from $2995, from
Family Love Tree basket bed head in natural, $499 queen, from
Rebel Walls Frontage collection ‘Patinated diamond 8’ wallpaper, $POA, from
Home Republic Casbah mustard throw, $76.95, from
Tibetan lamb cushion in pale pink, $149, from
Gava brass side table, $639, from



If you find the sea and sky calming, choose blue

New blue

As our lifestyles become digitally dominated we’re seeking more meaningful experiences in our own homes, and because the bedroom is our most personal space it should also be an escape. If you find the sea and sky calming but time outside is limited to after work and weekends, a blue bedroom might be the breath of fresh air you need. 2016 saw a rise in dusky blues and cobalts, while in 2017 grown-up blues like ink, midnight blue and indigo will add luxury and style to your space. I call blue a design friendly colour – it will happily work in whatever capacity you choose, whether it’s on all four walls, limited to bed linen and accessories, or included via accent pieces of furniture. In your room, blue marries beautifully with fresh neutrals, earthy colours, brass, gold and other jewel tones. Or, create a modern, design-savvy look by using different tints or shades of the same blue.

Tip: Wallpaper is your friend

Wallpaper is now an art form, with collections of gorgeous painterly, illustrated and graphic designs. When choosing a design for your bedroom, think about how you want to feel in the room and choose something that reflects that mood. If your bedroom is all about relaxation, a kaleidoscope of colour is just going to stress you out.


Blue - get the look


Get the look - New Blue
Ice blue linen, $68 per square metre, from
American oak low stool, $320, from
Ambient pendant light, $189, from
Bloisem chunky knit blanket, $147, from
Home Republic vintage washed linen quilt cover in chambray, $239.95, from
Bellewood wallpaper, $69 per square metre,
Studio Ceramics Amber Armitage Mavis jug, $75, from



Embrace that Nordic charm

Nordic charm

This look is all about simplicity. The key is to declutter – hoarders, look away now! Get rid of stacks off stuff, clean out those bedside drawers full of things you think you need but don’t, pass on clothes you haven’t worn in over a year. You’ll instantly feel lighter (call it the decluttering diet). Try open bedside tables, or a design that just has one slimline drawer. Then you’ll only have space for the basics. While this room is tidy, simple and streamlined, the pastel colours and cute shapes make it a creative space. Soft pink, warm white, pale wood and splashes of black is a winning combo to achieve this Scandinavian-inspired look that works for the young and young at heart.

Tip: Your bed is a blank canvas for creativity, so use it!

Do the mash and clash! Printed sheets and scatter cushions teamed with a solid colour duvet creates a fun look. Or keep it simple and stylish by layering a linen duvet cover, blanket, and woven cushions. A statement headboard creates a focal point and adds design interest to a room.


Nordic - get the look


Get the look - Nordic Charm
Vintage linen throw in aura/rose dust, $229, from
Black leather shelving strap, $69.95, from
Family Love Tree flower petal bed head, $499, from
Small Acorns penny round velvet cushion, $109, from small
George & Co Wild Things planter vase, $49.45, from
Photowall Lilesadi wallpaper in ‘Rainy Days’, POA, from

Images courtesy of Bauer Media


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