How to style your home for Christmas


With Christmas just around the corner it’s time to spread some seasonal cheer and think about decorating your home.

While everyone wants their house to look beautiful for the festive season, it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to achieve.  

With a little inspiration and a few tips, Kelly shows you how to style your place for Christmas. 


Table setting




Create your own beautiful Christmas wreath

Whether hung on your front door or entryway, above your mantle or sideboard, Christmas wreaths are a great and simple way to add a little festivity to your home. Different sizes and designs hung together can create a beautiful point of interest.

Amelia Addis of Botanica showed me how to create different foraged Christmas wreaths easy for you to replicate.

Start by simply using what you have in your garden, or foraging further a field. If you can’t source what you need, visit your local florist.




To create this more traditional green foliage wreath, Amelia used eucalyptus (gum), conifer and macrocarpa attached to a black mirror frame purchased from kmart. You can of course use any metal frame or something similar to attach your foliage to.

For a something a little unexpected, try creating Amelia’s dried wreath; here she used Banksia leaves, cones, manuka, macrocarpa and nandina. 

For a step-by-step guide on how to recreate these wreaths and other styles visit The Home Scene blog here. 


Styling your table for Christmas lunch

To me a true Kiwi Christmas is about sitting around the table with family and friends, enjoying good food and good company.

Whether seated indoors with a traditional cooked meal, or outdoors by the BBQ, the key to dressing your table for Christmas is all in simple styling that’s budget and time conscious. 

Here I’ve created a more relaxed, pared back aesthetic. Adding touches to reference Christmas without being kitsch, I’ve placed Citta candle houses alongside a soft linen table runner and napkins. Instead of traditional reds, I’ve chosen more muted tones in the linen napkins and incorporated greenery, foraged from the garden. 


Table setting


Create depth by using textures and height and have fun creatively. 

Don’t feel pressured to create a grand centrepiece or going overboard with your styling. Instead focus on what’s practical to the eye and is functional. Food is often placed on the table and you want to be able to enjoy the company you’re in without grand decorations blocking your view. 

When plating the table, work with what you have. Don’t worry about being matchy matchy or having to go out and buy all new crockery.

Have fun styling your home this Christmas and remember, it’s your house so if you love it you can’t go wrong.


Table setting


Table setting


Kelly Evans is a blogger, writer and stylist. Kelly shares stories on clever people and great design on her website, thehomescene.nzClick here to read more from Kelly.

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