How to style your bedroom for an open home

Bedroom styles are very personal and so is choosing a new home. If you’re putting your home on the market, here are a few expert tips on how to style your bedrooms to create sleep spaces that sell.

It’s all about the bed

When creating an inviting and luxurious bedroom, the bed linen and duvet covers are a good place to start. They should look full and soft, with layers of warmth, comfort and depth. Plush standard pillows are a must, but you should also layer two large european pillows on your headboard to lend some breadth and symmetry to the setting.

You can make duvet covers look extra plush by inserting two duvet inners and folding a third for placement under the cover at the end of the bed. This fills and lifts the setting, resulting in super-soft and dreamy duvets that buyers will want to touch. To accessorise the bed, cushions of different styles, textures and a silky throw to complete the look.  

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Small Room

Choose lighter colour schemes for smaller rooms. If the bed seems too big for the space, bring in a smaller one to make the room feel larger. Less bulky furniture and a double bed with queen sheets and duvet will give the illusion of a lush comfy bed and a larger room.

Plenty of pillows and cushions of varying shapes, colours and textures can make a small space look homely.

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Large Room

With a large room comes freedom. You can experiment with bold colours and textures, but try to keep your patterns simple so you maintain a broader appeal across different types of buyers. The larger the bed the better, in order to make the room feel abundant and warm. If you have space, include a small reading corner with cushions to match those on the bed. Large rugs or art pieces can help fill empty voids in a very large bedroom.  

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Colours and Patterns

Follow a consistent theme with your colour schemes and patterns to create a look that flows naturally throughout the house. One room should feel stylishly connected to the next. Buyers shouldn’t feel surprised by the decor as they walk into another room, they’ll be relaxed if it is close to what they were expecting.

Don’t be afraid to play off colours that speak of positive features from outside the house, or items that can be seen through windows. Sometimes our windows are the best works of art in the room. Perhaps your location close to the beach is a big drawcard for your buyers, so you can dress the bedroom in a way that reaffirms that. 

By taking the time to style and decorate your home you can influence the buyers that come through your open home. Enhancing the rooms you have can help a buyer feel at home in the space and make them feel as if it could be their own.


For more interior inspiration and beautiful bedding options, visit Logan & Mason New Zealand.

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