Cheat’s kitchen makeover $15,000

A beautiful kitchen is not only the heart of the home – it can make or break it come sale time.

A few clever upgrades can go a long way in increasing the value of your home. But be sure to spend wisely and stick to your budget.

Here are Shelley Ferguson’s top tips to remodel your kitchen for under $15,000.


Looking to go big? Read Shelley’s “Dream do over” kitchen guide, for those with a budget of $30,000+.


Cost: Between $5,000-$15,000


Make a splash


Make a splash

Depending on your kitchen design, splashbacks can be relatively easy to replace, and are like built-in art for your kitchen. 3D, geometric and ceramic tiles are popular, as are decorative panels in stone and natural-look textures.

Hard-coated acrylic backed with your chosen digital prints or paint is another creative option. A note of caution: try not to get dazzled by trends when making choices for your kitchen – you want a timeless look that outlasts fads.



On tap


On tap

New tapware can help your whole kitchen look top notch. If you want to make a statement, choose matt black, white, coloured, brass and brushed-steel finishes. Hard edges can help create a minimal, modern look, while curves and soft squares add refined style.

‘Touch’ and infrared technology mixers allow you to stop and start water without even turning on a tap. All-in-one mixers that produce hot, chilled and sparkling water are also big – like a restaurant in your own home!



Handle it


Handle it

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Updating handles can add a luxe touch to ordinary cabinetry, and add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen design.

Modern kitchens suit sleek shapes and clean lines in brushed aluminium, matt black or chrome; traditional kitchens suit the rustic charm of antique battered silver, bronze, gold and brass; while eclectic kitchens dare to be different with artistic designs – think mosaic, stone, agate, leather or porcelain.

Before you go shopping, take measurements from your current handles and knobs, and take photos of the kitchen to help you match styles. 



Spray and walk away


Spray and walk away

Newly-painted cabinetry can completely transform your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of buying new. There are plenty of professional kitchen repainting companies who’ll take away your cabinetry, spray it to a colour of your choice and return it.

You’re not improving the quality though, so this option is best for a temporary upgrade, makeover to sell, or if you’ve got great quality cabinetry but just want to change the colour.



Upgrade that combo


Upgrade that combo

Like high-low dressing, you can team your old kitchen with luxe touches. Pair your old Melamine cabinets with a new stone benchtop, get new tapware and a sink if the benchtop design allows, have a statement light wired in, or splurge on a set of matching appliances.



Get the look: Modern luxe



Classic Glam

Farmhouse kitchen sink from
Lee Broom clear crystal bulb pendant from
Caesarstone Classico Calacutta Nuvo marble-look benchtop, from
Trinca Ferro agate stone cabinet handle from
Weekend Grigio tile from
White wainscot cabinet and drawer panels, from custom cabinet makers

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