How to avoid Wi-Fi woes around your home

Don't let your ability to browse online at home be determined by where you’ve placed the modem.

Here are some tips from 2degrees to maximise the Wi-Fi coverage around your home

Fibre or Wireless?

If your home address can support both Fibre and Wireless broadband, start by thinking about your data usage requirements. Fibre is currently the fastest broadband available in New Zealand. Beamed over fibre-optic cables, it offers a fast and stable internet connection. If you have multiple devices simultaneously consuming high-intensity data (e.g., 4K video and gaming, loads of hi-def live streaming etc), it’s probably best to go with a Fibre connection that comes with unlimited data.

4G Wireless Broadband is delivered over your provider’s 4G mobile network. Unlike old-fashioned copper cables or fibre cables in the ground, 4G Wireless Broadband is beamed straight to your modem via the 4G network - the same network your mobile phone uses. The benefit of a 4G Wireless connection is that, unlike a fibre connection, you don’t have to wait for installation. Once you get your 4G Wireless modem, just plug it in, switch it on and connect your devices.

Some addresses might even have access to 5G Wireless Broadband. This is also delivered over your provider’s 5G mobile network but is faster than 4G Wireless Broadband. However, with both 4G and 5G, you will have data limits per month (this is to avoid clogging up the network), so that should be an important consideration before making your choice.

Location. Location. Location. 

Just like buying a home, location can make all the difference with your modem too. For a strong signal, be sure to position your modem near a window or on a windowsill. While your modem’s Wi-Fi signal may be strong, it’s best not to block it from doing a good job. It is recommended to avoid placing your modem behind books on a shelf, inside a metal cabinet, or under furniture.

Stretch your Wi-Fi signal with an extender

When you need your Wi-Fi signal to extend to the back office, the garage, or even the garden shed, it’s time to consider getting a Wi-Fi extender. A Wi-Fi extender amplifies your modem’s signal by utilising Mesh technology to create an improved Wi-Fi experience and expand the range across your property.

Get all your Wi-Fi needs sorted with 2degrees

Whether you’re after Fibre, 4G or 5G Wireless, 2degrees has plans to get you sorted. 2degrees also offers the latest Orbi Wi-Fi 6 satellite extender (at a small monthly fee) to boost your home’s Wi-Fi signal to every corner of your home. 
What’s more, if you join on a 12-month fixed Unlimited Broadband Plan, you’ll get a $250 joining credit and 6 months of Prime Video at no added cost. Plus, for a limited time, you can also get $10 off per month for 12 months.

Check out 2degrees broadband plans here


Offer available for a limited time. New customers on a 12 month Unlimited  ADSL, VDSL or Fibre Broadband plan only. Broadband not available everywhere. $15 rental modem shipping and non-standard installation fees apply. Early exit fees apply if you end your plan within 12 months. A fee will be payable if you do not return your modem to us when you leave. Plan Discount: Standard plan charge after 12 months. Excludes other charges including overage. Prime Video: Valid for 12 months after the date of activation. Offer subject to change. Cancel anytime., Inc. and its affiliates are not sponsors of this promotion. Must activate within 30 days of receiving the activation link email. Prime Video is $8/month after the promotion period. Prime Video and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. $100 Prezzy Card: Must redeem card via gift portal within 1 month of Broadband activation. Card may take up to 28 days from redemption to be delivered. Standard prezzy card terms apply. Card is non-transferable or exchangeable and non-redeemable for cash. Broadband and Promotion T&Cs apply. See for full T&Cs.

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